team NEXT

Meet team NEXT

NEXT was devised by a group of young people who are critical about the current state of affairs in the world. In this trailer they each tell what motivated them to start this new platform. In addition, they tell what the NEXT viewer can expect from this enthusiastic, new team.

Laura Hos

My name is Laura Hos and I participate in the super enthusiastic team of NEXT. For a number of years I have noticed that I needed a different flow of information than just the mainstream media. In fact, since March last year, I can no longer tolerate the mainstream channels. In my opinion, people are often unnecessarily frightened by dystopian reporting of one 'crisis' after another. I think that more and more people are making the switch from consuming information presented every day on television to self-searching for truth on free platforms. As a young adult, I am thrilled to be able to contribute to the broadening of the media landscape and I look forward sharing valuable conversations with you🤩

Duncan Robles

My name is Duncan Robles and I am delighted to be part of team NEXT.

For many years I have immersed myself in many matters and worldly subjects, little of which has generally been accepted as truth by the general public. It is precisely because of my interest in these matters that I feel a strong need to get the truth out through my contribution to the media platform NEXT. Fortunately, I see our society changing rapidly from a very rationality-based to a much more intuition-led society. These changes lead to a lot of agitation and noise, we are all witnessing this at the moment! Nevertheless, I believe that these changes are extremely positive and that the world in 10 years from now will no longer be comparable to today. Until these changes have fully taken place, I will fully commit myself to, among other things, the media platform NEXT, in order to get the truth out and to ensure the inevitable transition.

Kees van Rengs

Dear people,

My name is Kees van Rengs, 32 years old and I participate in this fantastic initiative, because I feel the need more than ever. From a young age, I felt that much of the information I received through the mainstream media and the school system did not match reality. In fact, it is often the other way around. The events surrounding 9/11 were therefore a kind of first 'awakening' for me. The same happened last March when the messages came through about the C. My intuition and feeling immediately said, something is not right. This feeling was subsequently and increasingly confirmed as the news on the mainstream media takes on increasingly ridiculous forms. I see it as my calling and task to speak out, to be open to all available information and to share this with you. Especially for young people, our future, I want to offer support and perspective, because you are extremely powerful and always have a choice. When I was asked for NEXT, I immediately said YES! I am grateful to be able to work with this fantastic team and provide transparent and truth based content.


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Joey Baeten


My name is Joey. And like many others, it was hard for me when last year, bit by bit, more and more freedom was taken away from us. Curious as I am, I did some research. On what exactly were these extreme restrictions on freedom and new laws imposed on us? And by whom were these determined?

Bizarre degrees of conflict of interest, extremely disproportionate policies, intense fear of propaganda, manipulation and censorship painted a clear picture of a global and associated national poisoned system. A system that is based on a pyramid shape and is steered from above in a direction of even more importance and power for the controllers themselves. And that at the expense of all layers below. A system in which you are taught from an early age to put your autonomy in the hands of authority. The normalization of this is so strong that we don't even realize how dependent we have become. And that this can be dangerous.

At NEXT I use my skills behind the scenes as a video editor and cameraman to create more awareness. Because it is time to take back our autonomy.


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